Tuesday, March 6, 2012


These last few weeks have been fairly busy for me. I've been to the University of Venda a few times to start working with them. I'm hoping to have some University students come volunteer at my schools (reading with learners, coaching, etc) and to get them interested in volunteering. Next term I'll take my Grade 6 and 7 learners to see Uni Ven's library and have a small program explaining what a library, how to care for books and other general library information. Out of 300 Grade 6 and 7 learners at my two schools, only about 10 have ever seen a library before despite living fairly close to some. The school libraries are moving ahead, still building up support  from the community to maybe get some shelves donated. Teachers have already started coming in and asking for  help from the library at one school--very exciting. At TVEP we've had some meetings about doing a radio play script writing competition focusing on sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse and HIV/AIDS. If we can get this going it should be an interesting project.

Still training for the Longtom half marathon, though I did fall off for a bit. One recent run I was joined by five Grade 1's. The sun was at our back with our shadows stretching out in front. Their shadows only came to my elbow and constantly moving as they all tried to be right next to me. The day before some of these same kids ran with me rolling tires as they went. At one point a taxi was coming up behind us and a herd of cows coming towards us. It was just a fun moment.

Mango season is now over, but no time to be sad as avocado season is just starting.

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