Saturday, April 30, 2011

South Africa bound

Apparently the Peace Corps likes surprises occasionally.

Yesterday I got an e-mail saying that there was an update on the online MyToolkit Peace Corps site. The update was that I had been formally invited to serve in the Peace Corps and that I would receive a packet in the mail soon. I figured it would come around Tuesday next week and I was just in for so more waiting (there's been a bit of that). Today I went to a Peace Corps expo going on in Raleigh to hear from some staff and listen to RPCVs talk about there service. Near the end of the event those nominated (happens after the interview which was back in November, 2010 for me) were asked to stand up then those invited were asked to stand, which I am but didn't know where I was headed--and I said as much when they asked if we knew where we were headed. Right after this the speaker said there was a surprise. The surprise turned out to be me getting my invitation packet personally handed to me in front of everyone.

A great surprise!

Assignment Details:

Country: South Africa
Job Title: Resource Specialist
Departure Date: July 5, 2011
Return Date: September 01, 2013 (27 months later)

This means I'll be working with 2-3 schools in rural South Africa in a variety of support roles for students, teachers and the broader community.

This is all so great, thanks to everyone for giving me support so far in getting to this stage. Now the waiting is over--almost.


  1. Congrats and best wishes!

  2. Hey! I'm also going to South Africa! :)

  3. Sunscreen!
    Have a wonderful experience!

  4. There's a group of us on facebook, Peace Corps South Africa, July 5, 2011. It's pretty helpful, there are current volunteers that provide some good advice about what to expect.