Thursday, March 3, 2011

Would Really like to know

This is my first post in my first blog, which I have set up mainly to share my experiences in the Peace Corps as best I can. I am currently waiting...I've been waiting for a little while and now and could be waiting for a while yet. I'm waiting to find out two things, if I am medically cleared (I should be as I am fairly healthy and have had no real medical problems ever) and after that where I will be going for the next 27 months of my life (that's two years and three months). I recently got an e-mail saying that I should know by early April at the latest--if I'll be going in June--with a minimal of eight weeks worth of notice before I my departure date. Knowing where I was going would be nice for many reasons, but I guess there really isn't anything for me to do except keep waiting and work on preparing myself for over two years away from much of what I know.

I am not sure what shape my blog will take as I am uncertain about the internet access I will have. If I can keep it updated regularly I will. I might end up writing some thoughts up on my computer and then posting large sections as I have access...we shall see what happens. My writing will likely be butterfly, umm anyways...without strict attention to grammar and such. As for pictures I will likely post pictures though if they are pictures of just me/landscape or include more I am not sure. One blog I of a current PCV does not post pictures out of respect for her community which has no way of seeing what he is posting. Again we shall see.

My current plans are to stay in the Mars Hill/Asheville area until the end of this month, March, and then move back to my parents in Greensboro and travel around to family some while waiting on my departure. Any suggestions anyone has about anything anytime will be greatly appreciated. Including books to read (looking for a good poetry book to take with me), things to pack, thoughts to muse, etc.


  1. From Susan and Annie:
    We suggest a good book of poetry and non-fiction called The Bible. It would be of great help and comfort with lots of true and fascinating stories. We love you and will read your blog.
    Ooh, got to go, saw a butterfly.

  2. When I commented last time, Kyle, I forgot that you wouldn't be going to your assignment till July. That's why I asked for updates. I'm content to wait for another month or so! 8=)